Aelos: The Family’s Robot Friend

Aelos: The Family’s Robot Friend

Leju Robotics from Shenzhen, China is at IFA 2017 with Aelos, a tiny robot designed to entertain and educate the entire family. 


Leading robotics manufacturer Leju has announced three versions of Aelos – the Aelos 1s, Aelos 1Edu and Aelos Mini – all of which are child-friendly. “Aelos 1s, a humanoid robot, is packed with fun features for all the family,” said Leju. “It has advanced voice recognition features which allow a natural form of communication. Kids can programme Aelos via Leju software.”


Aelos 1Edu can be used to teach the principles of robotics to young learners, endowing them with skills to be built upon as they progress through their education. Aelos’s software allows the use of 11 different advanced sensors including obstacle avoidance, heat, light sensitivity, humidity and alcohol detection. Computer programming languages based on Google’s Blockly can be used via PCs to programme the 1Edu. In addition, Aelos Mini reacts to gesture commands and has infrared obstacle avoidance. It can also be programmed by kids via an upgradeable app.

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