Aelos Robot User Manual
Blockly Edition
01 FEB 2019
Aelos Robot PC Terminal Software
Blockly Edition 1.9.0(Support Windows OS)
01 October 2019
Aelos Robot PC Terminal Software
Blockly Edition 1.6.0(Support Mac OS)
01 JUNE 2019
Aelos Lite&Pro
Aelos Lite&Pro PC Terminal Software I
Scratch Edition: 1.12.2 (Support Windows OS)
01 NOV 2020
Aelos Lite&Pro PC Terminal Software II
Scratch Edition: 1.12.2 (Support Mac OS)
01 NOV 2020
Taskor Windows Installer
Tasker IDE on Windows
Roban Robot
Roban Robot Windows Desktop Editor
Programing by Blockly and Timeline action frame
Pando User Manual (English Version)
01 JUNE 2019
Pando Quick Guide
01 JUNE 2019
Pando Manuale d'uso(Italian Version)
01 JUNE 2019
Leju Services
Professional Software Training Service

To help dealers fully understand our products and technical services, Leju Robot will reserve free training for the appointed persons from dealers. The training times are Monday to Friday .

Training Process
  • - Leju Manager send application form, dealer fill it in.
  • - Leju send back training schedule to dealer.
  • - Related personnel of dealers attend training.
About robot
  • 1. Check the Battery volume
  • 2. Check the power switch
  • 3. Check the Bluetooth status
  • 4. Restart APP and try again
  • 2. Entertainment version Robot does not response to App’s command
  • 1. Check the Battery volume
  • 2. Check the action configuration in APP
  • 3. Entertainment version Robot dose not response to voice command
  • 1. Noisy environment will affect the voice recognition. Please may move to a quiet place and try again.
  • 2. It may cause by weak WIFI connection. Please reset the WIFI connection for robot.
  • 4. Robot unable to stand when turn on the switch
  • 1. To check the Battery volume
  • 2. Servo may get damaged. Please contact after-sale service for maintenances
  • 5. APP connection failed for voice control
  • 1. Check the Battery volume.
  • 2. The network connection is not stable. Please move to a place where has better WIFI connection and try again.
  • 3.Please click “retry” button in the prompt window when connection is failed.
  • 6. User cannot download action file from action store
  • Please confirm login status before download.
  • The network connection need to be stable while downloading music files.
  • 7. User cannot enter a page in APP or robot does not respond to command.
  • To clean up background process, then restart APP and robot network
  • 8 .Robot does not play music while dancing
  • -To check the Bluetooth connection between phone and speaker.
  • -To check the voice volume on your phone.
  • -To remove this action in your APP and download again from action store
  • 9. Servo failed while dancing
  • Restart and reset the robot. If the problem could not be solved, please contact after-sale service for maintenances.
  • 10. Phone does not send any voice signal when connecting robot to network
  • Please disconnect your phone with robot’s Bluetooth speaker and resend the code. If the problem could not be solved, the APP network configuration need to be reset.
  • 11. APP crashed when enter game pad page
  • Action files reach the ceiling, please remove part of them. Please refer to appendix 1.
  • 12. Robot keeps repeating same action.
  • Press STOP button and reset robot.
  • 13. The action of robot is not match with the background music
  • Please remove the action and download it again from action store.
  • Please stop the tumbler mode immediately. Robot must be in standing mode when tumbler mode is started.
  • 15. Robot has a fall when performing the action after the action configuration.
  • The file transmission was failed. Please remove the action from your phone and download it again from action store.
  • 16. Synchronous failed or could not get access to robot data.
  • -To reset Bluetooth connection
  • -To restart the APP
  • -The quantity of action files may reach the ceiling. Thus, a part of them need to be removed. Please refer to appendix 1.
  • 17. Robot cannot keep standing while performing actions
  • The “zero point” of robot need to be reset. Please refer to appendix 2.
  • 1. If you have any questions about the warranty or exchange of Robot, pls contact with your local distributor.
About battery
  • 1. It depends on how would you use it. Normally it would be around 50 minutes.
  • 2. How should I charge Aelos?
  • Turn off the power and connect the robot to adapter to charge it.
About data issue
  • 1. What is the memory capacity of Aelos? 1GB
About APP
  • 1. Can I use APP and PC to control Aelos?
  • Yes, both APP and PC could control Aelos but not at the same time.
  • 2. Can I use Aelos APP in Android phone or iPhone?
  • Yes, you can.
  • 3. Where can I download the Aelos APP?
  • You can find Aelos APP through our web (, Apple store or Google play. (to search “Aelos”)
About the developer
  • 1: What programming language does Aelos robot use?
  • The develop software of Aelos is programmed by LEJU company. We developed our own PC software. The programming language of the robot is C.
About after-sales-servive
  • 1. return and maintenance policy
Type Description Exchange or return in 15 days Charge of return Notice
Functional failure or commodity quality issues specified by national law The problem been checked and confirmed as a quality issue by the manufacturer or the after-sales service center, and issue the test report or the after-sales confirmation. YES NO Please contact after-sales Of Leju After-sales Center if you can’t find a local agency.
Statistics loss, parts missing or description of goods are not in conformity with the website logistics loss means damage, leakage, broken, quality failure or other loss due to the transportation as well as such problem been checked and confirmed by the after-sales personnel. Missing parts means lack of original accessories YES NO In order to timely judge and handle the complaints, LEJU company may need customer or express stuff to provide photos of the product.
Other reasons In addition, if the goods return caused by personal reason, the goods must be in good condition. NO YES Customer is responsible for charge of return.
  • 2. How to apply for maintenance, return or exchange?
  • Please contact LEJU company , our authorized agent or retailer. You can send e-mail to for related services as well.
  • 3. After-sales service process
PC Software
  • 1. Lack of MSVCPXX.dll project document
  • You can download the DirectX repair tool on this link: to repair the system.
  • 2. No display of COM after when connect the robot to PC software.
  • Download the driver file through website:, use password: cpmz. Download and unzip the documents, then install driver file according to the instructions.
  • 3. The driver had been installed successfully but Com number can’t be shown when robot has been connected with PC software.
  • Download the instructions of Disable Driver Signature Enforcement driver through website:, use password: 6ury. Operate according to the instructions, restart the computer, then you can connect to the COM.
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