Privacy Policies about Aelos series’ Robotics

This Privacy Policy explains when you use our web site, software, applications, products and related services (referred to as the "service"), Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics Technology Co Ltd will collect what information and how to use this information. We solemnly promise that we will protect your privacy, including the information we intent or automatically collected. Please note that we will not send you any spam or damage to your privacy or share your personal information with third parties without your prior consent. At the same time, each time you use our service, it is said that you explicitly accept the practice of this privacy policy.

1. The info we collected

We may collect your personal information provided to us, and based on the location information and site visitors data as follows: transaction information you provide to us in order to let you enjoy our service, you may be asked to provide personal information, so that we can contact you directly. Personal identity information includes your email address, name, address, telephone number, or a long-term identifier associated with a personal identity (such as a customer number stored in the cookie). We will use the collection of personal identity information to provide you with the specific information you requested. In order to protect your privacy, we will take steps to verify your identity, such as asking for password and user name before authorization to access your data. The location based information we may collect your approximate location information based on the information you are willing to provide us with the information and the IP address of your computer. We may also detect the time you activate the terminal device. We may collect data to verify the information you have provided manually, and associate it with location-based information for internal use and improve user experience. Visitor data site visitor data is a completely anonymous information about how visitors use our website. We use anonymous data on user behavior to better understand how users access our brand. The types of information we may collect include:
-The date and time you visited our platform
-Your Internet Service provider, mobile telecom operator and data service provider
-You IP address
-The page you visited internet
-The link you clicked
-The way and time you use the service
-The internet content, picture and advertisement you choose

2. How to share your personal info with us

The main data controller is Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics technology Co., Ltd. and Aelos series robotics platform. Leju’s other legal partners, represented our company to provide services for user, can also access the information related to the service they provided. Unless applicable law is prohibited, we will use your information in the following details:

Provide the product and service you request
Communicate with you about your account or related transaction info, Send the info about our website or application program function update or policy changed. Send the message ( If you already registered and agree to accept) Detect, investigate and prevent the illegal actions or break our policy

Without your prior consent, we will not leak any personal identity information to the third party. If a merger, acquisition or any other business transaction, it is likely to share customer information. However, we still have the responsibility to seek reasonable information protection measures in such transactions, you will receive any notification of ownership updates via email or our website.

3. Protect your personal info

Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics technology Co., Ltd. and Aelos series robotics platform, the use of industry standard security technology to help protect your personal information collected on the site. Although we may provide encryption technology and other reasonable precautions to protect confidential information, and provide a reliable guarantee, but the Aelos series robotics to cause any transmission delay, interruption or intercept information hackers are not liable.

4. Right to withdraw

When you decide to contact us, we may often choose you to join our e-mailing list, so that we can offer you a product, update and our team’s one-to-one service support or others good news. However, you still have full rights and freedom to choose to stop interacting with us and stop receiving our news push. You must select the "exit" option or "cancel the subscription" button at any of our communication channels.

5. Children Privacy Policies

Leju (Shenzhen) Robot technology Co., Ltd. to protect the use of our website and the platform of the children's privacy. The children's privacy policy describes the information that is available to children under 13 years of age, and we are in the way of information collection, disclosure, and parental consent:
Children can register our web sites and applications, view content, download content, create content and use the special features of the Aelos series products. In the registration process, the child will be asked to enter the date of birth. At times, children under 13 years of age need to provide an email address of the parents or guardian so that adults can create a user name and password for the child. We strongly recommend that adults do not provide any personal information about the child in the user name. At the same time, we won't ask for information that is not required to be logged in. If your child is under 13 years of age, you suspect that he or she is trying to use our platform, and has not received any notice we ask your parents or guardian to agree to, please contact us at any time, email address:

Contents of children

Contents of children
We allow children to create and store content. Create programs, pictures, videos, comments and posts and other content may include personal information. Parents can refuse to publish the contents of the creation of children, but also can decide only children and parents can view the content. Otherwise, the content will be sent to the administrator of the Aelos series robot platform, the administrator can properly refuse to publish some content before the public release. Aelos series product administrator is the only person who has the right to refuse to publish any inappropriate content, the reasons for refusing to publish are as follows:
-Sex acts or pornographic content of nude pictures.
-To promote violence and / or physical harm to animals.
-Incite hatred protected groups, minorities and even personal hatred or abusive content.
-Including child abuse of sex, predatory or abusive information
-A large number of publications or other means to mislead the reader of spam or misleading content.
-The unrealistic content in violation of the Aelos series product agreement (for example, Aelos series of intellectual property rights and / or Aelos series of product privacy policies and terms of use)
Consent form for verifiable guidance
Aelos series of robots to collect personal information on children, the children's Online Privacy Policy Act (COPPA) requires us to seek the consent of the parents or guardians by e-mail. In the email, we will explain what information we collect, and how we plan to use it or undo it. If we do not have a reasonable time to get the consent of the parents, we will guide the contact information of all deleted. In school activities, COPPA allows teachers and school administrators to act on behalf of their parents or guardians, unless they inform their parents or guardians of such activities in order to obtain the consent of their parents or guardians. In general, schools should always inform the parents of these activities. Competition and draw
For competitions and drawing activities, we only require information to be provided for children to participate in activities, such as user name and email address of the instructor (informed by the parents to comply with the provisions of the law). Only when a child wins a race or a prize is a prize, we will contact the parents and / or guardian to obtain more personal information. In this case, in order to be more convenient to respond to children's questions or requirements, Aelos series of products may need to obtain a child's email address. In response to questions or requirements, Aelos series of products will immediately delete this information. Email notification
E-mail notification is used to send important communication to users, specifically for parents and / or guardians, as well as children aged 13 and above. When children interact with us, some information may be automatically collected (for example, web browsers, computer operating systems, and IP addresses) to make our web sites and applications more interesting and useful. This information is collected by the Aelos series products or the third party using flash, cookies and other unique identifiers, for internal use only:
-Provide access services to children.
-To customize the content and improve our service.
-Conducts research and reports to analyze the performance of our services.
In the event, if we collect on the platform (or allow other people to collect) such information on children for other purposes, we will certainly inform the parents or guardians before collect the info related. Other people can get the information of the children collected in addition to publish personal information on children (to ensure that the consent of the parents) situation, we might be in the following limited circumstances, sharing or disclosure of personal information collected in children:
-We may share the information we need to provide functional support to the bulletin board solution team.
-If legal requirements (such as responding to a court order or summons), we may disclose personal information. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we may also respond to law enforcement or public institutions require disclosure of personal information about a child; if we think that information disclosure may prevent abetting crime, eventually can protect the security or integrity of our platform. The guidance of the choice and control of parents or guardians can be modified at any time the children's password, user name, user avatar picture or delete their account, prohibit the child to visit Aelos series robot platform. Delete the account will immediately prohibit the display of any public release. Send an email to for assistance if you encounter problems when editing or removing children's information.

6. P.R.C Privacy Law

Our privacy policy is in compliance with the laws and regulations of the company's headquarters. The nature of the regulations is found in the laws, regulations, and non-binding standards of People's Republic of China (PRC), including the following data privacy provisions: Ministry of industry and information technology (MIIT) issued a number of provisions of the regulation of the Internet information service market order (since March 15, 2012), for the management of online data privacy. At present in China, personal information (in the Chinese regulations covered in data protection above) is a broad term that refers to any recognition of information. More accurately, the rule defines it as "any information that can be identified by the user and associated with the user, including independent information or a combination of information and other information."

7. Privacy Policy update

We reserve the right to amend this privacy policy at any time, before we exercise our rights, this privacy policy is effective. If we modify the policy, will be released on the website to modify the privacy policy being implemented. Any changes to this Privacy Policy shall take effect as of the date of promulgation. You should carefully review the privacy policy on a regular basis, because if you continue to use our products and services after the policy changes, that means you agree to accept the terms of the update and / or modify the legal constraints.

8. Contact Us

If you have any questions about the way we deal with your privacy, please let us know. You can send an email to to contact us.

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