Aelos Edu


Integrated advanced hardware platform with enhanced Blockly coding software and customized STEM-featured 32 courseware, AELOS Pro contribute one powerful advanced educational solution in the humanoid Robot market. Especially, the Machine Vision be introduced initially into AELOS Pro, which endowed with visionary intelligence for Robot and A.I perception for People. Intelligent “eye” be open; Future is now.

Solution Highlights

Combined HD camera scanning imaging system and Raspberry Pi processing imaging system with advanced visual algorithm, AELOS Pro enable to achieve facial recognition, Color recognition, video backhaul, and location & tracking successfully.

Portfolio Sensors STEAM Education

Educators & Makers

In the future robots will be everywhere, performing tasks long perform by humans, however who will create and build these wonderful future devices? With Aelos, we can start to prepare the next generation for the robotic challenges they are bound to face. Aelos allows children to gain a fundamental understanding in how basic robotic programming will behave in the future. While educators will have a new and exciting tool in their arsenal helping them to engage with a new generation of learners and future leaders.

plug & play sensors

Aelos’s software allows the use of 11 different advance sensors, including obstacle avoidance, heat, light sensitivity, humidity, alcohol detection and so on.

Modular housings support a variety of sensors which can be used in conjunction with each other to achieve a variety of tasks.

Basic Aelos movement and obstacle avoidance can be achieved through clever programming of these modules, as he explores the world via student programming, sensors will detect objects in the path of Aelos, if students have programmed him correctly, geomagnetic sensors will engage to determine his direction of travel, avoiding obstacles allowing Aelos to continue within the student’s environment.

My Key Specification

  • HD
  • Mechanical
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 6 Axis
  • Geomagnetic
  • IR Distance
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